15+ Best Family Halloween Costume Ideas 2016

Family comes first and then anything else. Always consider them in the very first place and give them the right kind of importance that they deserve. It does not imply that friends are any second, they too are kept in great reverence. But event celebration becomes more happening with dear family members. Here I am […]

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12+ Halloween Vampire Costumes For Women 2016


People from all age groups like to watch werewolves and vampires on television, previously a lot of work had be observed regarding this. The vampire diaries has given people a lot of exposure about the history and happenings of vampires that how much vengeance runs in their blood, how they never believe in forgiveness, how […]

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15 Funny, Cheap & Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes 2016

Halloween is not only about scary, spooky, creepy and ugly dresses/costumes, it is also about wearing funny, cheaper and happy dresses too. You can put on the get up of a cupcake, muffin, donuts, ice cream sandwich, ice cream cup/spoon, octopus, MacDonald fries, pineapple, cookie monster, Donald duck, mickey mouse, Pacman, butterfly etc. It is […]

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