12+ Halloween Vampire Costumes For Women 2016


People from all age groups like to watch werewolves and vampires on television, previously a lot of work had be observed regarding this. The vampire diaries has given people a lot of exposure about the history and happenings of vampires that how much vengeance runs in their blood, how they never believe in forgiveness, how they prey on human beings, how they fall in love passionately and eat up the entire clan of human beings.

Keeping this in view I have managed a post of 12+ Halloween vampire costumes of 2016 for women that you will love to buy for yourself in the month of Halloween. Have a look at it!

Leg Avenue Women’s Vampire Queen

Buy from here


Leg Avenue Women’s Victorian Vamp


Buy from here


Dreamgirl Women’s To Die Over Vampire Costume


Buy from here


Women’s Halloween Vampire Costume 


Buy from here


Red & Black Vampiress Costume


Buy from here


Queen Of The Vampires Adult Costume


Buy from here


Cape Costume


Buy from here


Midnight Vampiress Costume


Buy from here


Velvet Hooded Cape


Buy from here


Full Length Crushed Cape Costume


Buy from here


Underwraps Women’s The Countess


Buy from here


Fully Lined Deluxe Vampire Cape


Buy from here

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