15 Cute Halloween Hairbows For Baby Girls & Kids 2014


A house without kids is not a home at all. Kids are the real fun element of the house. Their laughs and giggles simply brighten the day. They are the apple of parent’s eye. They know how to persuade their parents with the blink of an eye. Kids bring sheer happiness in the house so how can they be overlooked on a big event?

Today I am unfolding before you 15 cute Halloween hair-bows for baby girls & kids 2014. I am sure you will find them really adorable and worth having. Have a look at the collection. I know you are very excited to get your kids dressed up on Halloween day in a very special way so take it away! I wish you all a very happy and safer Halloween this year. Boo!

Huge Black Skeleton Hand Hair Bow


$ 6.00

Buy from Etsy


Orange Skeleton Hand Hair Bow


$ 6.00

Buy from Etsy


Black & Purple Spider Bow With Swarovski Crystals


$ 13.00

Buy from Etsy


Cute Pirate Girl Skull & Crossbones


$ 6.00

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Hair Bows Polka Dots & Spider Webs


$ 5.50

Buy from Etsy


Fall Halloween Whimsical Jack O’Lantern Hair Bow


$ 4.00

Buy from Etsy


Long Ben Hair Clip


$ 20.00

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Pumpkin Hair Bow


$ 12.00

Buy from Etsy


Witch Girls Hair Bow


$ 7.95

Buy from Etsy


Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull Fabric Hair Bow


$ 3.00

Buy from Etsy


Large Hair Bow-Skulls & Crossbones


$ 3.50

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Over The Top Bow


$ 16.50

Buy from Etsy


Black & Orange Hair Bow


$ 8.00

Buy from Etsy


Jack Skellington Silly Face Bow Hair Clip


$ 10.00

Buy from Etsy


Halloween Ghost Bow


$ 4.00

Buy from Etsy


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