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Gifts and presents always work like an uplift, they enhance the love and affection between the two, no matter how angry a person is, naturally his/her mood turns good while receiving the gifts from the loved ones. Moms are very special in our lives and we are blessed to have to them around.

We should make them feel good on Christmas day, so I arranged a post dedicated to our moms. Today I am unfolding before you 15+ new & best Christmas gift ideas for mom. Her gifts of 2014 are so adorable. Have a look at the collection of these Xmas gifts down below. Stay warm in the colder season of winter!

10 Tea Bags Handmade – Christmas Gift Idea


$ 7.58

Buy from Etsy


Call Your Mother Coffee Mugs


$ 22.00

Buy from Etsy


Christmas Gift Idea Woven Sugar Bowl


$ 60.00

Buy from Etsy


Turquoise Gold Crystal Stud Earrings


$ 29.00

Buy from Etsy


Xmas Gift For Woman


$ 21.79

Buy from Etsy


Petit Silver Star Bracelet


$ 11.00

Buy from Etsy


Hockey Mom Bead & Birthstone Crystal Spacers


$ 5.95

Buy from Etsy


Women House Shoes – Felted Wool Slippers – Christmas Gift


$ 89.00

Buy from Etsy




Pyjama Shorts Christmas Gift Idea


$ 44.94

Buy from Etsy


Hand knitted Wool Mittens


$ 30.00

Buy from Etsy


iPad 4 Cases Gift Idea For Mom With Zippered Pocket


$ 24.99

Buy from Etsy


Japanese Beads Bracelet


$ 139.00

Buy from Etsy


Bag For Women Navy Genuine Leather


$ 34.20

Buy from Etsy


Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Idea


$ 169.50

Buy from Etsy


Woman Earmuff – Light Purple Wool Christmas Gift


$ 24.00

Buy from Etsy


Long Hair Accessories – Gifts For Women


$ 7.00

Buy from Etsy


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