15 + Step By Step Halloween Make Up Tutorials For Beginners & Learners 2014

Halloween is just around the edge and the earth is tossing between the darkness & evil. The witches are ready to ride over the brooms, spiders are casting their webs under the ceilings, wolves are howling their lungs out, big gongs are roaring and the entire world is taking the form of spookiness because that’s what is anticipated before the day of horror– Halloween.

Special Halloween makeup kits are to be sold in the month of Halloween. It is a bit technical to draw the right patterns of zombies, vampires & corpses but through the tutorials available on the websites, you can easily learn the tactics to apply flashy, horrifying and loud makeups.

Just follow the step by step tutorials so it will be way too simpler for you to impersonate the dreadful avatars on Halloween day. Today I am unfolding before you 15 + step by step Halloween make up tutorials of 2014 for beginners & learners. I am sure you will love them all. Take it away! Stay safe on the day of Halloween. Boo the world around you!

Skeleton Make Up Tutorial



Image source


Wound Tutorial


Image source


Zombie Make Up Tutorial


Image source


Skull Paint Tutorial


Image source


Bruised & Stapled Tutorial For Halloween


Image source


Mystique (X-men) Make Up Transformation


Image source


Batman Makeup & Body Paint Tutorial 


Image source


Weeping Nun Make Up Tutorial




Zombie Bride Tutorial


Image source


AMAZING Bullet Wound Make Up For Halloween


Image source


Zombie Wounds Tutorial


Image source


Spiderweb Make Up Tutorial


Image source


Easy Weeping Nun Tutorial


Image source


Fake Wounds Make Up Tutorial


Image source


Image source


Age Make Up Tutorial For Halloween


Image source




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