4 Pieces of Wrist Candy Every Woman Over 40 Should Own


There are certain investment pieces that every woman should own. While it may not always be feasible at just any age, once you have the means to make the investment they can prove to be well worth it. When you are 40 years old, it’s a great personal milestone, as you probably are at a high point in your career, satisfied with your family life, and financially stable enough to invest in some pieces that you’ve always wanted. Accessories are a great starting point for fashion investments because they often include some of the most classic pieces that will last you for years to come. 

Here are 4 pieces of wrist candy that every woman over 40 should own, and that make for great investments: 

– A dreamy Rolex

A Rolex is one of the most common pieces that people think of when they imagine ‘luxury wrist candy’. Even just visiting stores like the Rolex Boutique of Pisa Orologeria in Milan is an experience, and selecting the perfect and dreamy Rolex that suits your style and you know you will love forever is a treat. Not to mention, it also makes for a great item to pass down to future generations!

– Bottega Veneta pouch bag

A Bottega Veneta pouch bag is not only on trend and will be one you’ll for years to come, but it is also something different than what you already own. If you know you love this style handbag, it will be an addition to your collection that will get immediate use, not to mention a lot of use. The pouch bag is great because it can be easily styled, it can be a clutch or placed comfortably in your elbow. 


– Diamond tennis bracelet

A diamond tennis bracelet is one of those classic pieces that elevates any outfit. It is not a statement piece per say in the sense that it draws a ton of attention, but it does look beautiful and still makes a statement. Plus, you can wear it with just about any outfit and even with your most classic and ‘basic’ outfits, this one piece can be the touch that elevates it. 



– A Rimowa or Tumi suitcase

While this isn’t exactly wrist candy, for those who travel a lot it can be! Dreamy luggage that you love to for functionality purposes as well as aesthetically can make a difference in how you feel when you travel and the excitement of packing, etc.! A great brand such as Rimowa or Tumi also means that your luggage will last you for years and continue to look beautiful throughout consistent use.

These pieces are costly so make sure to take your time looking around before purchasing! These pieces particularly will hold their value should you someday want to sell them for something even better, if your style does end up changing, or if you just don’t find yourself getting the use out if it that makes it worth it. Just make sure your manicure is on point, no matter what time of the year it is to compliment these flashy goods.”

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