5 Best Ombre Hair Color Trends & Ideas For Girls & Women 2017


The world is getting crazy about ombre hair color and 2017 will not be exceptional.  Here are five best and craziest ideas for your ombre hair colour for 2017.

Blue Ombre Hair

You will never be missed in a crowd and always be drawing all the attention in the bar. If you are even just thinking about dying your hair blue, there are no doubts that you won’t pull it of. It’s the bravest and most reckless colour of all represented here, although it doesn’t mean that it can’t be as feminine as unusual. And here are good examples

Reverse blue ombre. Making your choice on blue ombre is especially rewarding if you have light or blond hair. Such colors make a perfect match with any blue tone. So you should not be afraid to experiment with mixing those tones in your hair. Try to go a bit further than usual ombre and pick more than one colour to apply on different locks. Also the technique of a reverse ombre will be quite appropriate here. Instead of starting with light colours in the middle and then going darker and brighter to the endings, try doing the opposite. This will look no less effective and way more unique.

Electric blue ombre. Now, such choice of the blue ombre is great for really dark and medium hair. In this case you can have dyed dark blue hair from the middle, in a way that it’s barely seen as pure blue but it still gives a special tone to the hair. But the ending should have a drastic transformation into very specific lighting blue. This ombre creates a unique and interesting look, and even a regular ponytail will be seen completely different now.




Purple Ombre Hair

This choice of colour is actually one of the most effective and comparatively not so demanding among all of the colours. Mostly due to the fact, that even when purple colours are fading, they still remain purple. Also, be ready that purple ombres create such a bold impression of the person, that you will definitely be always remembered.


Light lavender locks. Gentle look which goes great on very light hair. Looks especially great on short wavy hair, when the coloured locks are all messed up a little with each other. Best way to start is to make your roots in very light colour, even white if you feel like it, and then slowly gown down starting with soft lavender colours which might turn into more bright purple but still in lavender tone.

Dark purple. However, if you have long and really dark hair, maybe lavender is not what you want to go with. The bleaching will be a tough requirement and such drastic difference between tones are not so flattering. The best solution here, if you are a fan of purple, to colour your endings in deep slightly dark purple. You will better pull it off if you keep your hair wavy.







Red Ombre Hair

When someone is mentioning about having red coloured hair, the first thought that comes to your mind is “bold”, or “adventurous”, or other similar synonyms. And it surely is. But we would like to highlight is that it is not necessary to go all breaking bad to have red colors in your hair. Such hairstyle is actually quite appropriate for those who want to express themselves but don’t wanna loose their cool conservatism. For instance, you can pick dark red ombre.


If you have dark hair, from dark brown to black, making your choice on red ombre might be your best solution, particularly if you have long hair. You can pick dark tones of red and even not work in too hard in the transaction, since such red colour will perfectly lie on your slightly bleached hair. You don’t go too far from natural colours, and such change will give you a strong and confident look, as well as highlighting your rebellious side.




Blonde Ombre Hair

Blond ombres are probably the most popular kind of colouring these days. However, it doesn’t mean that in 2017 it will lose its actuality. It’s a great solution who this who has brown hair, but doesn’t want to have this awkward situation with their roots constantly. So if you are a brunette, but you prefer blond tones, here is the best option for your ombre.
Bleached blond. First of all, the great advantage of this hairstyle is that it requires very little care from your side. All it takes is to bleach your hair and add blond tones for your choice. To pull of such hair also quite easy, it looks great with big waves or curls. This ombre will give your hair cute, soft look, especially if your natural hair has brown or light brown tone.




Brown Ombre Hair

Caramel/bronze ombre. If you have dark hair and want to refresh your usual hairstyle, but not ready for the drastic changes, you might try caramel or bronze ombre. Make the endings couple tones lighter than your natural hair and add some bronze colours on the most length, of some of your locks. This way you won’t be sacrificing your hair for harsh bleaching, but at the same time it will definitely give your hair a new bright but delicate look. Such ombre will look especially gorgeous if you have medium skin tone and beautiful brown chocolate hair. What’s more important, such colouring will never be out of trends.


Subtle ombre. If you want a little more significant, you can try subtle ombre. It’s more classic and slightly easier to make and to sustain. This will be really great on light brown hair, since it will work the way down to the pretty light shiny endings. So it kind of gives a look that your natural hair is fading along the length. A special trick to wear such hairstyle is to make big beach waves, or if you like straight hair, you can iron the endings from your face, so beautiful light waves will frame your face.



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