5 Styles of Wedding Dresses You Should Consider


One of the first things a bride-to-be usually thinks about after saying, “I do,” is the dress. After all, your wedding is a day when all eyes will be on you and the right dress will make you feel extra-special, elegant and beautiful. While the staff at bridal shops can help you find the one that will flatter you most, it’s best if you know which styles to consider first.

Once you’ve determined your budget (the average wedding dress in the U.S. is $1,000, typically ranging from a little less than $300 to $1,650 according to WeddingWire), taking time to research the type of look you’re dreaming of before shopping can make hunting for that ideal dress much easier and less stressful too.


Ball Gown


If a fairytale wedding is what you’re after, a ball gown is probably the right dress for you. It’s a classic, sure to transform you into your own version of Cinderella on your big day. It has a fitted bodice with a full, wide skirt usually achieved using layers of tulle or crinolines. It will help cinch in your waist, with the full skirt gliding over your lower torso. Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, and Jackie O all wore this style dress for their weddings.


Traditional Silhouette with Long Sleeves


These days a long sleeve wedding dress doesn’t necessarily mean boring or overly conservative. The silhouette is traditional, but there is a wide range of modern variations that can be simply stunning. In fact, this type of dress was famously worn by Kate Middleton herself, as well as celebrities like Ciara and Miranda Kerr.


Empire Line Dress


An Empire-style wedding dress features a raised waistline, which is just under the bust. The rest of the dress gracefully flows to the hem as it skims the stomach and hip area, making it ideal for any bride who has a pear shape, as well as those who want the appearance of longer legs, although it tends to fit well with most body types. For those with a smaller bust, it can create definition, drawing attention to the neckline. With delicate beadwork or other embellishments on the fabric, it can help create the illusion of a fuller bust.




An A-Line style dress is fitted at the bodice before flowing out to the ground in an unbroken line that resembles the outline of the letter A. It’s a simple, classic dress that’s appropriate for everything from a traditional church ceremony to a small beach or backyard gathering. It works well with all figures, but might be especially ideal for those who have a larger bust. As it has a full skirt, it can also help hide a bigger lower body or create the illusion of curves for those who have a narrower frame. It’s extremely versatile, with just minor modifications to the fabric, neckline or waistline possible to hide certain features while helping to accentuate others. 


The Mermaid


A mermaid style dress is perfect for the bride who wants to accentuate the curves she has or create the illusion of an hourglass shape. It’s attention-grabbing, known as one of the sexier, flirtier dress styles as it’s quite fitted throughout the bodice, hips, and waist. It may be paired with a ruffled skirt, ruching or beading to provide an additional ‘wow’ factor.


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