Spring Office Looks for 2020

It’s a new year and spring is right around the corner. This means it is time to walk into your office in some new, up-to-date threads. Freshen up your spring work outfit ideas with some cute new styles and colors that will spark conversations at the water cooler. Whether it be for a big presentation, a way to stay warm in that office where the A/C is always pumping, or if you’re just trying to keep up with the constantly changing spring temperatures.

Whatever your reason for a new spring look for the office is, a new season is always a great excuse for some shopping and a fresh wardrobe. Just make sure for every new style you get, you donate an outfit to keep your closet fresh.

Menswear-Inspired Fit


A blazer at the office is always a mainstay, but make it trendy with an oversized on with the sleeves rolled up a little bit. A nice fit and flare crop pant and a white, tucked-in shirt along with a flirty necklace or some long earrings to offset the masculine fit with some feminine touches and some basic, white loafers will coordinate perfectly.


A Stylish Sweater Set

Stylish Sweater-Set-2020

Even though the sunshine and flowers make us forget the grey winter, it is hard to keep up with the changing temperatures of spring. A stylish sweater set could fix those problems for you. A pastel one to ring in the sunshine will be fashionable for the office and will keep you warm, but not stifling. There is one from Free People that can be found online, or at Nordstrom with a professional slit that could even be worn to happy hour by changing into some heels. Make sure you look for a Nordstrom promotion code before purchasing to save some cash.




A light, short-sleeve bodysuit and breezy skirt will liberate you from the all-black, heavy sweaters you’ve been wearing all winter. A bodysuit makes pairing a bottom easy and they come in all different styles and colors! You can dress them up with a skirt or pair a bodysuit with a loose-fitting professional pant and flats.


Heeled Loafers


Loafers have been a working women’s go-to since the dawn of power suits. This trend gets a little edge with a heel for 2020 and has all sorts of styles such as slingbacks, buckles, textured fabrics or mule silhouettes to get the work done from 9 to 5.


Wide Pointed Collars


The 70s keep coming back and these large, pointed collars are no stranger to spring trends. This trend is one that can go from the boardroom with a blazer to the bar and can be worn with suit pants, jeans or even matching suit trousers.

These trends are just some of the spring looks hitting the work field and there will be a spring work outfit that will fit almost any type of career.



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