Top Six Trends for the 2019 Prom Dresses


Prom being the most important night for the youngsters, it is necessary to make it stylish and trendy to stand out from the rest of the people. It’s really hard to keep a track of what is in fashion and what has gone out-of-date. Therefore, to ease your worries, the following are the top six trends of 2019 which you can take into consideration while choosing out your prom dresses for the coming year:


1. Metallic:

Metallic Grey Golden Prom-Dresses-2

Prom dresses in the metallic shades were a big hit in the previous year and are to be even more in 2019. May it be the trendy ball gowns or mermaid style dresses, it all brightens up with the metallic lace of silver or golden or any other beautiful colors.


2. Floral:



Floral can never fade in terms of popularity and style. It’s an evergreen trend that never dies. With all the beautiful base colors like black, mauve, blue etc, these floral prints on them enhance their look and your appearance. You can opt for a short off-shoulder dress or a long gown with a beautiful flair. Every style looks trendy and stunning.


3. Red Pallet:


The first color that comes in mind when you think of ball is red. Reds are considered to be the most romantic shades. Hence, when talking about the trendiest prom dresses 2019, the red pallet remains in the leading suggestions. A deep neck long dress or a backless gown can be your trendiest pick for the special night.


4. Lycra and Satin:


If you have a hot tight fit dress style in mind which you can’t wait to turn into your prom dress, Lycra is what you should be choosing. Lycra gives a perfect defined body shape that makes your dress look amazingly attractive. Satin dresses have been the favorite picks for the past couple of years and are following the trend by hitting another record of being a favorite in the upcoming year.


5. Glitter:


It is always better to add a bit of glamour and sparkle to the prom dresses. If you are choosing one for yourself, glittery dresses are what will make you look even more stunning. The moment you walk inside the party, all eyes might turn on you. Therefore, glittery long dresses may be with a side slit and a messy bun will just be the best look for your prom night.


6. Matte Colors:


In recent years, matte and pastel colors have been winning over the hearts of all the stylish fashion freaks. Top trends of Prom Dresses 2019 cannot miss to have the elegance of the matte color dresses. One shoulder dresses in these colors would actually make you look like the most elegantly dressed diva of the party for sure. Matte shades of pink or red or even the pastel greens look jaw-dropping beautiful in dress styles.



It’ll hardly appear to be a blink of an eye when your ball night preparations will start. Thus, keeping a check on trends and styles for the upcoming year prom might help you look ravishing.


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