12 + Modern Head Chain Pieces For Girls & Women 2014 | Hair Accessories

Girls love to look glamorous and they go to every possible extent to make them look like a celebrity. Weekly and monthly fashion magazines are being sold in a massive way because girls buy them to get their minds know what vogue is on the go. When it comes to trends and fashion, girls love to dress themselves up in a vigorous way.

Today I am unfolding before you 12 + modern head chain pieces for girls & women 2014. No matter what hairstyle you are having or what haircut you have got for yourself; you can always decorate your hair with hair accessories. These days head chains are much in demand, rare gemstones are rhinestones are used in the making of chains to give a royal touch. Have a look and get bedazzled! Cheers!

Queen Of Hearts Headpiece


$ 28.04

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Twig & Sparrow Hair Chain


$ 24.00

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Boho Chain Piece


$ 38.56

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Feather Head Chain


$ 43.81

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Big Angel Wings Hair Chain


$ 90.00

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Moon Headpiece


$ 14.00

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Bridal Head Chain


$ 12.99

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Gold Coin Hair Chain


$ 15.00

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Bohemian Head Chain


$ 24.54

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Modern Wedding Headpiece


$ 80.62

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Bronze Floral Circle Headpiece


$ 13.00

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Layered Chain Headpiece


$ 102.00

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Gold Leaf Headband


$ 33.00

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Hair Accessory – Chain


$ 17.34

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