12 Simple Ponytail Hair Accessories For Teenage Girls & Women 2014

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014

Girls love caressing their hair and they never compromise on their hairstyles therefore they keep on surfing the latest trends and various hair tutorials to make hair buns, to curl them or to give them a bouncy look. But there lies a simple way of making your hair look cool and cuter. Simply make a high ponytail which is quite in fashion.
Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and other pop icons are being observed wearing pony tail hair accessories.

So why not to give a celebrity touch to ourselves this time? Today I am unfolding 12 simple ponytail hair accessories of 2014 for teenage girls & women. I am sure you will love them all. These ponytail accessories are fancy, colorful and so vigorous to attract eyes straight upon your hair. Do give them a try and you won’t regret it. Cheers!

Beaded Ponytail Holder

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-1

$ 5.00

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Long Straight Hair Ponytail

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-2

$ 27.66

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Feather Hair Tie

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-3

$ 12.00

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Handmade Black Ribbon Hair Tie

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-4

$ 12.00

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Teal Flower Ponytail Holder

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-5

$ 2.50

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Metal Hair Accessory

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-6

$ 3.89

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Vintage Wig

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-7

$ 28.00

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Hair Cuff Holder

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-8

$ 40.00

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Classic Satin Coral Rose Hair Ponytail Holder

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-9

$ 3.25

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Vintage Hair Wraps For Ponytail

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-10

$ 12.00

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Black Silk Scrunchie

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-11

$ 7.00

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Black & White Hair Accessory

12-Simple-Hair-Accessories-Ponytail-For-Teenage-Girls -Women-2014-12

$ 8.99

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